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"Freedom of speech doesn't mean very much if you can't figure out what it is that you want to say."

Edward Snowden

How Aska works

Aska is an opinion-sharing platform.

We provide you an Aska instance, and you (as a host) can let users share their opinions.

Opinion sharing (Users)

Users can post their own opinions, and support ("Like") opinions of others, just like an SNS.

(No registration will be requried for users)
In Aska, a large number of opinions can be classified using machine-learning techniques.

Opinion classification (Hosts)

It would be easy to grasp the diversity of opinions as long as your users are not so many. But what if you have hundreds of users?


Aska Generator


You can instantly launch a demo and check how your Aska looks like.



You can check the on-going progress through the dashboard.

Functions as a survey framework

Aska has various templates to be used as an open-ended survey framework.

  • Templates for various question types
    • Multiple-choice questions(single- and multi-select)
    • Question for screening(Qualification check)
    • Open-ended questions (Refer to opinions of others berfore/after a user post his/her own opinions)
  • Link to other services
    • Please see below for the services that you can link to Aska
    • Please ask us if you want to link to other services
  • Terms of Use settings
    • You can customize/omit the terms for your instance
    • You can let users agree to the terms implicitly/explicitly

Readonly mode


In the Readonly mode, users can only read the existing opinions.

Systems that can be linked to Aska

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

You can generate a verification code, which is required to conduct a survey in MTurk.


You can redirect to Aska as keeping the Response ID in Qualtrics. (There is no need to redirect back to Qualtrics.)


Aska can redirect from/to Lucid corresponding to each redirect status.


  • Polls, social-science researches
  • Online discussion, brainstorming
  • Various surveys (for recruitment, training, education, etc.)
  • Online forum, comments



$0 / instance

  • Max. # of posts: 20
  • Expired in 72 hours
  • No supports
Launch a demo


$-- / instance

  • Max. # of posts: 10000
  • Adjustable expire date
  • Opinion classification
Send a request

  • You will receive a URL for an Aska instance after registration.
  • Unique URL for each instance